The cancers we treat are:

  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Lung
  • Colon
  • Rectal
  • Uterine
  • Cervix
  • Ovarian
  • Brain
  • Among many other types


Under the direction of USA Cancer Care Founder, Dr. Lio Yu (or his qualified designee), patients will be seen on initial consultation by a multi-disciplinary team of expert oncologists — consisting of a radiation oncologist; a medical oncologist and, if necessary, a surgical oncologist — in order to ensure a comprehensive and individualized cancer care and treatment for each patient.

We provide the therapies described below at our state-of-the-art facility or at a participating partner facility. In some cases, we will refer our patients to a top provider, should we deem that the optimal solution. Until USA Cancer Care Center is completed and, in order to ensure and provide our patients with all the necessary services, we have contracted with premier oncology facilities and centers in the New York City/Tri-State area.



  • Radiation Therapy: Our Radiation Oncologists are trained to utilize the newest technologies and tools in order to effectively treat our patients through USA Cancer Care’s state of the art facility or affiliated facilities in the NYC area. Our facility and our recommended facilities will utilize the principle that even advanced stage IV patients with limited metastatic disease (oligo-metastases) may be cured or their survival increased.


  • Medical Oncology, Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy/Biologic Therapy: Our Medical Oncologists are experienced with all the conventional systemic agents that work best for each patient and are also experts in utilizing the latest research and newly available cutting edge immuno- and/or biological therapies in order to customize treatment for each patient. Cutting edge diagnostic panels of tests are always used to determine the best agents necessary to care for each patient and be in tune with the particularities of that patient’s particular tumor. Treatments will be given through USA Cancer Care’s state-of-the art infusion suites or nearby affiliated facilities in the NYC area.

We also have several oncology PAs/NPs on hand plus additional support staff, who render high quality services to our patients in conjunction with the latest technological equipment. Until the full completion of USA Cancer Care’s center, we will outsource radiology and surgical procedures in addition to other services as necessary. Contracts with nearby hospital(s) to care for those who require admission will be maintained.


  • Surgical Oncology/Subspecialists: Our world class experts in surgical oncology and subspecialists provide consultation and treatment recommendations at our premiere ambulatory care center facility, which can conduct biopsy or minor surgical procedures on site. Pathology services are provided on site or at selected top facilities for confirmatory opinions. Pathology review of outside, particularly foreign biopsies or surgical pathologies will be reviewed on a routine basis for accuracy and proper diagnosis.  Selected outpatient surgical center(s) and/or local hospital OR’s will be available to facilitate the surgical needs of the patients.

Contracts with nearby hospital(s) to care for those who require admission will be maintained.


  • Oncology Based Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology: We provide patients of USA Cancer Care with diagnostic PET, MRI and CAT scans on site or through our qualified affiliates with premier diagnostic equipment and experience.


  • Oncology Nursing and support staff: We also have several oncology nurse practicioners, physician`n assistants, and/or oncology nurses, medical assistants on hand plus additional support staff, who render high quality services to our patients in conjunction with the latest technological equipment.


  • Interim/After-Care & Wellness/Rejuvenation – Selected Eastern medical or complementary therapies that support a feeling of wellness and rejuvenation are available through arrangements with top quality spas and facilities. These therapies integrate the principle of body-mind-spirit interconnectivity to combat the stresses and downside of cancer and its treatments. The options include acupressure, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Chinese herbal or Asian tea therapy.  These treatment options can facilitate patients to maintain their strength, energy and outlook during treatment and thereafter.


  • Concierge Program: USA Cancer Care’s Concierge Program is designed to make our patients’ have a stress-free and seamless experience in every aspect of their care. We alleviate the worry and stress associated with obtaining and receiving the appropriate care and the accompanying travel and housing logistics through our multi-disciplinary team of oncologists, staff and Concierge Hospitality experts.



USACC Hospitality Experts: In order to gain a peace of mind for our patients, we can tend to all our patients’ logistics, including transportation to and from the airport, as well as local travel, housing, and meals; babysitting or daycare as well as other logistical facets.  We will provide the best framework of endeavor so  that our patients and their families can solely focus on their medical care and treatment.